Physical Therapist – How Can They Help Patients?

Physical Therapy also called physical therapy, is one of the Medical healthcare careers that, through the use of precise evidence-based therapeutic techniques, medical science, exercise prescription, physiology, rehabilitation, and motor skills, patients are able to gain a full range of functioning. Physical therapists are health care professionals who use techniques such as exercise, massage, manual resistance training, and ultrasound to help patients recover from traumatic physical conditions and improve function and mobility. Common injuries that physical therapists help treat include herniated disks, torn ligaments, osteoporosis, neck pain, sprains, and sports injuries. These conditions often leave behind permanent physical limitations, making it difficult for patients to continue an active lifestyle. Physical therapy can help patients return to normal activities in a timely manner, as well as reduce pain and risk for injury.

Before treatment commences, a detailed medical history is obtained to assess the severity of the condition, as well as any associated risks. During the evaluation, medical history is taken, including current and past medical problems, treatments received, the results of current treatments, medications used, etc. It is important for physical therapists to ask patients about their family medical history as well. Age, gender, and level of exertion are factors that should be considered in the evaluation process. The overall health and fitness are essential components of the patient’s medical history.

A treatment plan is developed for each patient, depending on his or her individual needs. Physical therapy rehabilitation is used to restore normal function while preventing further injury or damage to the tissues. It is also used to alleviate pain, limit or eliminate disability, restore joint mobility, improve range of motion, and build strength. Physical therapists use many techniques to treat patients. These include the use of therapeutic massage, electrical muscle stimulation, stretching exercises, and hot packs and cold compresses. Physical therapists also use medications to relieve pain and to improve symptoms.

Some patients may require more extensive treatments than others. For example, someone who has suffered a traumatic injury will require a different type of physical therapy than a person suffering from arthritis. Also, a person suffering from osteoarthritis may require more intensive treatment than a person with soft tissue injuries.

In some cases, physical therapy can help prevent further injury or damage to the tissues and other organs of the body. When problems such as slip, fall or other accidents occur, it can cause significant pain and disabilities. If a physical therapist treats the problem promptly, then there will be less pain and further damage to the body. This may result in improved quality of life for the patient, possibly resulting in increased longevity. Physical therapists have a lot of education and training to provide a comprehensive physical therapy treatment plan for their patients.

Physical therapy rehabilitation can help patients recover from acute injuries, such as broken bones or traumatic spinal cord injuries. It may also help patients overcome conditions that are associated with age, such as osteoporosis or rheumatoid arthritis. Other conditions that physical therapists can help patients with include those associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, cerebral palsy and development disorders. Physical therapists are trained to work with patients of all ages and physical conditions, and can offer their expertise to help patients live a better, fuller life.

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