How to Stop Fruit Fly Killers?

Line your bathtub and sinks with this Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Killer for permanent results. It utilizes natural Citronella oil as well as Green Safe Insect Repellant to eliminate flying insects that love to hang around kitchen sinks, trash disposals and any other areas at restaurants, hotels and even in homes. The best part is that it’s also safe for babies and young children! This effective pest control product is created to keep bugs away from any area where they can enter the house such as bath tubs, faucets, toilets and more.

Fruit flies often appear ugly but are quite harmful to those who consume them. These insects are small in size and live on the surface of fruits, plants and leaves. They are so tiny that you might not even notice them except when they bring a horrible taste to your mouth! These little pests only live a few minutes but can cause serious problems to your health because of their tiny size and the excruciating pain they inflict. For all these reasons, it is essential to prevent fruit flies from infesting our homes.

If your home has a lot of garbage disposals, then be sure to line them with this Fruit Fly Killer garbage disposer. These disposals are perfect to remove leaves and other debris that might have accumulated in your garbage cans including the tiny bits of crumbs and seeds. However, you need to be extra careful because fruit flies often hide in these trash cans. For this reason, a concentrated solution of the fruit fly killer is necessary to kill flies in these garbage disposals. Simply pour around the inside perimeter of the can and let it saturate the debris for several minutes before disposing it off.

If your drains are clogged with tangled wires, then you will need to use the fruit fly killer as early as possible. First, you will need to remove any strainer and empty it out. You should also check all the pipes for any clogs using a flashlight. After removing all the wires and clogs, clean them thoroughly using detergent water. Then, apply some citronella oil into the pipes using a q-tip or a strainer. Allow it to remain there overnight.

To address the small flies problem in your home, you can also use a spray of the no-fly granules after mixing it with water. This insecticide is applied on the soil surrounding your plants and flower beds. After leaving it for around 30 minutes, you can spray your garden and you will be assured that all the fruit flies and small flies are dead.

With this information, you will certainly be able to effectively solve your problems about the existence of fruit flies. You don’t have to try other methods because the no-fly fruit fly trap has

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