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“We’re a private chef business, specializing in fine, up-market restaurant dinners, private, casual dinner parties, large event catering & personal event catering. We are a New York certified foodservices supplier of healthy organic foods and natural and organic health food treats for individuals, families, companies, schools and special events. Our cuisine includes healthy vegetarian meals, family-style meals & soul food.” From the Kosher Catering South Florida website

This Miami catering business offers an extensive variety of healthy catering menu choices that are “made from scratch” by their award-winning chef, celebrity chef and author, Ronald A. Cope. “Kosher Catering is the most innovative trend in catering in the past decade. Kosher catering ensures that food is prepared according to Jewish dietary requirements while adhering to dietary requirements of non-Jewish people. Kosher catering also promotes ethics in food preparation and service.”

Private Chef Miami passion for food began at a very young age. As a child, he was studying Spanish at school, studying it so he could understand his family’s culinary heritage. He learned to prepare his own dishes when he was a teenager, and then entered into the world of catering as an executive chef for seven years. After several years in the restaurant industry, he decided to pursue his dream of being a private chef. “It was a humbling experience,” he said, “but a fulfilling one.”

He started his own catering company in 1997, serving private and corporate clients all over Florida. The company is known for its wide variety of specialty food services such as wedding receptions, barbecues, and corporate events. The company offers full service event catering, wedding catering, and corporate catering.

Chef Brianne Johnson started Aventura catering after leaving his position as an executive chef for a Miami catering company. “I wanted to do something that would challenge me but also be something I could grow in my career,” he said. “Catering is tough work. It requires you to constantly evaluate your progress and decide what changes need to take place to improve the quality of the food. I like challenges, so I jumped at the chance to start a business in catering.”

Private chefs are an asset to many catering companies. They help keep employees inspired, which helps keep production up. It can also increase profits by providing a more professional atmosphere in the kitchen. Private chefs are a great resource for catering companies that do not have time to train their own chefs. Hiring a chef who has experience and is willing to learn will give the company more time to focus on customer satisfaction.

Aventura, located in Coconut Grove, offers a variety of different catering menus. From finger food to a full sit down dinner, they have something for any type of occasion. Whether the party is small or large, they can provide it. Brianne Johnson and her husband, Michael, started Aventura because they wanted to start a company that provided high-end catering and event planning services.

Johnson began her career as a culinary intern while attending the University of Miami. She worked at Tresidio, a famous Italian buffet, before moving onto her own catering company. She rose to become executive chef of Aventura Premium Catering, a division of The Aventura Group, an international food company that handles catering operations, restaurants, and hotels. Now, she runs her own private chef business.

There are many people, including celebrities, who use Aventura’s catering services on a regular basis. They offer gourmet meals for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gatherings, weddings, graduations, and other special events. They have chefs with a variety of expertise, such as sushi, barbecues, pasta, fresh seafood, and desserts. To ensure the highest quality of service, all of the chefs are trained by Aventura’s own culinary team.

The Aventura Group features four different catering areas. The Luxury Catering offers casual dining and pastas. The casual fare can range from light sandwiches to vegetarian wraps and platters. The Premier Catering offers larger platters and complete meals, including appetizers, salads, entrees, pastas, and desserts. The Casual Garden is an all-you-catering restaurant that specializes in casual food. The Golf and Lake area serves five of the best tasting restaurants on the property.

If you want to feed hundreds, or even thousands, of people, Aventura will be your perfect choice. The company has been serving the South Florida community for over eighty years with their fine selection of fine food, friendly service, and innovative catering. Stop by the Aventura location for lunch, dinner, or a service at one of their signature restaurants. You’ll be glad you did. Stop by and take a look at what they have to offer.

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