Crystal Awards Vs Glass Awards

What Are the Differences Between Glass and Crystal Awards? If you’re planning to award a prize for excellence to an employee, a team member, or a company, you may be wondering if a Crystal Award is better for your company. There are a few simple tests you can perform to help you decide. Glass makes a shorter clanking noise, while crystal creates a melodious ring as the light passes through it.

Goal-setter Crystal Awards are a popular item for ongoing corporate recognition programs. These awards can be custom-designed to honor sales goals, service anniversaries, or team accomplishments. They’re also available in several different color options. Full-color printing is available for crystal awards. For an even better presentation, choose a crystal award with a design you can customize yourself. Make your crystal awards special by incorporating your company’s logo or brand.

Glass and acrylic awards have many advantages over crystal. For one thing, they’re more affordable and can be customized to fit your needs. However, there are some disadvantages to these types of awards. While they’re cheaper and easier to create, they’re not as impact-resistant as crystal. Because they’re more fragile, they may need to be polished constantly to keep them looking beautiful. For this reason, many crystal award designers choose to use optical crystal instead of lead crystal.

Optical crystal is the highest quality crystal available, and produces a clear, flawless award. It’s also lead-free and can be engraved. While glass awards are an excellent choice for a prestigious award, a crystal award should match the weight and the achievement. For example, a crystal award that measures four inches in weight would be more appropriate than a one-inch thick award made from plastic. You can even get a Crystal Award that is just the right size for your company.

Laser engraving is also a great option, but the quality of the engraving is questionable. This method requires a flat surface and clearance for the mirror assembly. Although the quality of the engraving can vary, laser engraving is faster and requires less preparation than a traditional method. In addition, the results are more durable and last longer. However, the process is also more expensive. So, when ordering your crystal awards, make sure to consider your budget and how much recognition you want.

Another way to determine whether a Crystal Award is crystal or glass is by using light. Unlike glass, light shines through crystal awards, which is easier to read. As with any other glass awards, a 3D image may look best if the image is carved through the entire crystal block. This is especially helpful when the image is more complicated than a simple text design. And it’s also possible to engrave an image in a dimensional way.

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